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Jon Nebenfuhr

If I click on an image and start to try and drap it to the upload queue window, the image is not dragged and the other images after it and in the path of the mouse sweep are selected. To select a single image I must click and release the mouse button first before holding down the mouse button for the drag over to the upload window.

I can see how selecting multiple images at the same time can be done quick that way, however it's not compliant with how iPhoto and Kodak Easyshare react to the same ineraction. Apple users are used to having certain aspects shared by different programs act the same way.

I think the darkening of the selected images is too dim. I don't have my monitor brightness that high or my contrast too low and it's not very easy to notice which images are selected. I would suggest the selected images also have a thick border around theimage in the user's default highlite color. Maybe give it that soft glow effect at 5 to 8 pixels wide or go with Easyshares background color change.

When selecting more than one image to drag over to the upload queue, I notice that there is a portion of a red square that has a white number in the middle of the quantity of images selected.

That square is not centered and it looks like only the left third of it is showing while draging the images when I am clicking on a portrait image. When clicking on a landscape image to move a group more of the red suare will show on the left, yet it is still further from the left side of the ghosted image selected.

If I move some images over to the upload queue, and then click on the "Add All Photos from this Album" button. It will add all images from the folder and if the image was already there it's added again. I can drag the same image into the upload window as many times as I want without it telling me it was already there. I don't think that should be allowed.

The rotate while in the upload window queue is a nice touch. However, I clicked on it and nothing happened, so I clicked it some more (standard, "Poke it some more, Jeb" response), 7 times, and had to wait while they rotate requests were being done. My picture is pretty large so there was a lag for it to complete. I would suggest not allowing it to accept a new turn click until it completes. And add a second turn button going counter-clockwise, as people with large files and only need it to go 90 degrees the other way will be in for a wait. It may get frustrating if they click it one time too many only to have it back the way it was.

The Specials Button is a nice touch. If I'm signed into my Ofoto account, it would be nice if that window could list any credits or discounts banked into my account and list the expiration dates.

The first upload worked ,and uploaded the same image twice since it let me add it again... I think a text percentage reading should be added for each image as it is uploading so the user knows that it is progressing. The total file size number is a good thing to have at the top of the upload window, yet I think it would be a nice touch to see the file size next to each image so the user knows how big each one is. Even though images are taken from the same camera at the same quality, they can have a wide range of difference in their file size, and it would be nice to see that. Also, if a few that were set at a differnt quality than others, it would be nice for the user to see he difference in size in the upload queue if they look.

Also, as the images finish uploading they are removed from the upload window (nice touch), yet the upload progress dropdown is half obscurring the Photo quantity and total file size. One would think that if you went to the trouble to have that Qty and File size change to show the total remaining, you wouldn't want to play peek-a-boo with it.

After uploading images and the new dropdown window asks if I would like to view the album, I click on it and it takes me there. The album viewing appears to be an anonymous login and I'm not logged into the account I just uploaded to. It should start a new session cookie and log the user in.

Okay, that's enough from me for today.

Jon Nebenfuhr

"..and drap it into.."

Aw, man. My first sentence in the first post and I did a typo.




T.S. Elliott

Uploader does not recognize "Grayscale" as a valid colorspace so true Black & White photos cannot be uploaded at this time. Workaround is to scan black & white as color and keep as RGB instead of converting to Grayscale. This is not an issue with color images that have been desaturated or converted to B&W--as long as they are not saved as grayscale.

T.S. Elliott

The Re-Arrange feature doesn't work under Safari.

The only way to re-arrange the order of pictures in an album on Ofoto is to use Explorer.


I can't upload more than 1 picture at a time. I created an album weeks ago and uploaded 29 photos using Express. I just tried uploading 20, then 10, then 3, and only 1 photo gets uploaded using Express.
Please Advise.


I have been using OFOTO Express for over a year, and I love it. All of a sudden, however, whenever I attempt to upload photos, the program freezes when I perform the last step of the process. It seems that the program can no longer connect to the web site. Anyone else having this problem? Any suggestions?


Hey! I just found the workaround for this problem, and it works great!

Jane Smith

I can't remember my password for ofoto and I am trying to transfer pictures to Kodak which i have them ready to put in the new album but can't remember password. HELP PLEASE.



I was using Ofoto with my Kodak Gallery and all of a sudden every time I attempt to drag photos, Ofoto freezes. I successfully did the process four times before this happened.
Can anyone help? Thanks.

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