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Bruno R. Barreyra

I have a feature request... I'd love if Brownie actually automatically took the iPhoto titles for pictures as opposed to the filenames. It'd be hard to copy all the titles for hundreds of photos.

Otherwise, great job on this app!!! I want to stick with Ofoto just because of Brownie!


Thank for the feature request Bruno. Great idea. We'll add that to the feature requests list. And we're super happy to hear you're happy.


I'll second that feature request.

Donna Hagaman



desearia conocer el software ofoto


I am running ofoto express 1.01(v153) is there a later version?

Judy Phillips

I want the type of Ofoto I had on a 1998 PC. That was an excellent program.

Am not impressed with anything from Kodak

Judy Phillips

I had Ofoto in 1998 and enjoyed it. It did all I wanted it to do.

Is there another version for Windows XP?

Windows Drivers Download

This worked well on XP

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