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r. zane rutledge

Well, I'm glad to once again have a convenient and simple way to upload pictures on my Mac. I'd prefer to store my digital pictures there, and it's nice to have similar convenience to my PC with Ofoto.

However, I am still baffled by the fact that none of this software incorporates ANY kind of "auto-rotate" feature! My camera clearly knows which direction is "UP" when it takes the picture, and I know for a fact that that information is contained in the EFIG header of the JPEG picture... So why do I have to manually rotate images at all??? This is such a no-brainer, and I'd really appreciate it if someone would tell me there is a way to do this automatically.

One of the benefits of digital cameras is taking more pictures and sorting out the good from the bad ones later....But with manual rotation, the hours I could spend simply rotating is insane. Now I'm getting a crick in my neck instead, because I refuse to do manually what should happen automatically for me. ;-)

Thoughts or suggestions (or additional features added to this software or somewhere!) very welcome.




Can you tell why your blog is stopped since 4/10 ? Do you think that it's not interesting to have a blog ? Is it not a interesting marketing tool or communication tool for you ? It was only an experience ?
Thanks for your answer ..


I'll answer both comments in one post.

Regarding auto-rotate:
What's up? That's a great idea. We have discussed it and as you say - it's a no-brainer. Our software engineering would have to validate if the orientation is kept in the JPG header in all cases (such as when edited in iPhoto). At least we could auto-rotate those images who's data is retained. We don't have a big budget for this little application, so the next release may be a while. But please, be vocal about what else you'd like to see too. It can only support the project... and help your neck. :)

Regarding the lack of updates to the blog:
This blog was created for purposes of launching the beta release of Ofoto Express Mac. Since 1.0 launched on ofoto.com, we discontinued posts. However, the dialogue (however small this blog has been) is and has been useful. Please let us know if you find it useful and would like us to continue such a forum.

Thanks for the feedback.

Product Management
Ofoto, Inc. (A Kodak Company, and soon to be a Kodak named company "Kodak EasyShare Gallery")


the download page doesn't work on IE. not a good start...


the download page doesn't work on IE. not a good start...

r. zane rutledge


Glad you liked and are running with the idea, re: my comments regarding auto-rotate. Any idea when this might be incorporated? Will you announce it somewhere specific or only here? You say the next release may "be awhile," but what do you guess we're talking? A month? Three? Six? A year?... Just curious, as I'd sure like to take advantage of this as soon as it is in there....and I just stumbled on your reply many months after I posted the original idea/comment. ;-)

Thanks, (a direct email note super appreciated. Especially if it's been another month by the time you notice this).



Hi Zane,

[I'll email you directly as well]

Unfortunately, I can't give you a date on the next release. We're looking into a number of additional features that may push out a new release 5 or 6 months or more. To your question about how we might communicate the update... we'll update the site with the new release, and Ofoto Express will actually automatically update itself on launch. So you won't have to do a thing other than accept the new version.

Thanks for your help and interest.

Sean Malone

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Hey, I love this ofoto, I use it instead of iphote, which I find very complicated and not so user friendly. I'd love to see more updates from you in the future. Thanks! :)

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