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Joe Kim

Thanks for the tip. It works great, it's been broken for the last 2-3 weeks and now it's working!!


Could not sign on to ofoto expres for last week or so - but tried your fix and now it seems to work. thanks!


This may not be the same problem, but maybe it's similar. I used to be able to upload photos without any problem, but one day OE just didn't recognize the existing albums any more and it doesn't even allow me to create a new album. I deleted the preferences file and made the hack chages listed here to no avail.


I've downloaded the last version, and made this change... but it didn't work... whats wrong????


Ofotoexpress just stopped working for me one day. I clicked on the icon for ofotoexpress on my docking bar but it would open up the application so I removed and reinstalled the app from the ofoto site. Still didnt work. Then I tried the fix you outlined above and it still doesnt seem to open up the application. I have no idea whats going on. Any pointers? Im using a Mac OS X version 10.4.10. Any insight into what could be wrong?


Dear Sean-Product-Management-guy-from Kodak-Gallery,

Ofoto express has not worked for several weeks and the hack above didn't help. Kodak and Ofoto should be ashamed to have a product available for download that doesn't work like it is advertised.

It is obvious that Mac users are low on your priority list.


Ofoto crashes in the middle of long uploads, and worse of all it now refuses to upload to existing albums (the pop-up menu is always empty, no matter you're logged on or not)

Please, PLEASE, PLEASSSSE! kodak, fix Ofoto once and for all...

c dateo

I just tried to upload some pictures from my mac, and lo and behold, ofoto is not aware that my kodak gallery account is open, and Kodakgallery is not aware that I just downloaded the ofoto installation program.

Typical engineering geek crap - step one is make sure I'm in. Stop telling me all the bells and whistles about reordering, and fancy side stuff I can do once I'm connected.

how bout fixing the bug that I'm in some sort of logic loop and I'm not connected.

i cannot believe that I am reading comments in 2008 that make me realize that I will not be able to upload pictures from a mac to kodak. I-m not even sure why you use ofoto - I thought Kodak rebranded back in 2001 or 2002. This is really disappointing that after having been loyal to Kodak for over 7 years, I'm going to have to find a new place for my photos since I cannot upload from a mac.


worked perfect- thnx!

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